The Purple Cow

Artist vs Manager.

Artist is alone, aloof and quite detached from the world. He loves his art, believes his vision and lives his day celebrating the various good things about art. An artist goes everywhere his art takes him. To those lonely beaches, away from civilization, into those serene forests and farm houses, doing the simplest of all things like gardening, farming and sky-watching. He has to be simple. Only then art respects him. And will stay with him.

Manager is admist people always. He is incredibly attached to the set of folks he is with. He loves people, be it his team-mates, smiling neighbors or in general his community. He ignores their negatives and celebrates their bright things. He goes where they take him. To the movies, to the clubs, to the bars, to the perfect holiday spots and raises his glass every time for someone.

He should drive the best car in town, do the best job in the circle and take care of his folks like no one else can.He has to be sophisticated. Only then people admire him and will stay with him.

But, what if you wanna be both? 

Entrepreneurs are usually people like that.

Artist with people.

Manager with purpose.

You have to be detached though you are attached to people. You have to be dispassionate though you are passionate to your art. That’s the toughest job in the world. 

Only then you will not only go faster in life, but you go farther as well.