The Purple Cow

Are you using your freedom?

One of the amazing things internet revolution has enabled us is freedom.

Freedom to learn any skill.

A century back if you had learnt fishing, you probably would have ended up being only a fisherman all through out your life. 

But today, you can learn everything about fishing. In a week. Without even having to visit a pond. (Via wikipedia, youtube etc.)

And mainly, just because you have know fishing wouldn’t even imply that you should choose a career of fishing.

The arguments seems silly. But the premise is that you can literally become anyone you want. No time in the history was as easy as now.

You can learn Russian without going to Russia or meeting any Russian ever. You can educate yourself  about the universe without having to go to Harvard. You can learn to make a time-lapse video without having an expensive photography education. 

When the means to access information has become incredibly cheap and easy, the question still remains, do you care?

Do you care to uplift yourself from lethargy, laziness and inactivity?

Do you care to choose a profession you love and not be a fisherman by default? 

The answer will write your destiny.