The Purple Cow

Are you true to yourself?

We love being picked. We love being chosen. We love getting promotions and cushy chairs in the corner office.

It’s not really a problem if your heart is in making money. And only money. But some of us want to make a difference instead. Some of us want to make history rather. Some of us want to make a lifetime worth living. And not just earning the dollar bills.

Then, it’s a problem. A real serious big intense problem if you are still clinging onto the glory and fame the cushy chairs bring. Most of us are brainwashed into believing that’s normal. It’s not.

For heaven’s sake it’s not. Don’t you give a damn to the societal pressure and give up your dream. No matter how silly it might look in your current position/status, give it a try. An honest and hearty try.

It’s not where you are in life’s journey that’s important and crucial,┬áit’s who you are and how true you are to that person.