The Purple Cow

Answering a tough question isn't rare.

Asking a tough question is.

Look back, retrospect and analyse yourself. How many tough questions have you asked in the past week? To your boss, to your team, to your professor, to your parents, to your better-half, to your church pastor?

Soon after our teachers in our schools warned us not to bother them too much, we’ve stopped bothering to even think. We take too many things on blind faith. 

Sometimes, the hero isn’t the guy who knows the answer to a question which no one else can answer. The hero is the guy asking that tough question which no one else can dare ask.

Because, when you go out of your way, and ask a challenging question, you become vulnerable. You become susceptible to fail. In simple words, you could become a fool in front of others. 

While being a genius isn’t a must-have quality to be successful, but being FEARLESS OF FAILURE is. Being fearless of embarrassment is. 

Answers could lead to conclusions, but questions lead to curiosity. And nothing in this world has even been achieved without ample amounts of curiosity exhibited by the ambitious seeker.

Again, finding the right answers isn’t as important as finding the courage to go after them. Question freely and fearlessly, it is living proof that you are a human and not a lifeless machine.