The Purple Cow

Adult Life Lesson #1.

What my adult life taught me is this: No one is entitled to love me.

No matter how close they may appear, how many times we may see each other daily, or how many millions of messages both on and off Facebook we may exchange, do not expect them to LOVE you.

Because just like how you are, they are too busy to bother you. They are carving out their own unique story in life, and you may not be a part of that. It might be unpleasing to you but yes, reality usually is.

However the beauty is that there will be some people who LOVE you. Who you don’t meet often, nor do you chat or talk often, they simply love you because, well, I don’t know. No logic in love. They simply love you for who you are.

Identify these gems. They are precious as your life. Protect them and let them feel your love as well. I stress on this again, SHOW THEM YOUR LOVE.

Again, you cannot and need not escape the casual ones. Just say, “Hello” on Facebook and that’s enough for them!