The Purple Cow

Adjectives not to be proud of.

Intelligent, smart, sharp, quick, brilliant are a few adjectives we wish we all were. In reality, we could be one or two of them or if you are like me, none of them.

I don’t pride myself on any of the chemical reactions that happen in my mind. In outright honesty, I can attest that because I know I can’t control them. Thus, they are not mine. Intelligence, creativity and brilliance. They are as elusive as butterflies in a garden.

What’s something that you can master, and if you repeat it quite often, can control is: Passion.

A passion to do something new, a fire in the belly to create something valuable, an insatiable quest to give your life a meaning and a never ending will power to live your dreams.

This, precisely this. will power is what defines who you are. And if anything, this is what I am proud of today. Not intelligence.