The Purple Cow

Access to awesomeness.

Not many countries have the technology or the basic education needed to do some amazing innovations.

Yet they are striving really hard to come forward and make a difference to the world.

However, most of us, especially if you are reading this blog, have the basics covered. We know enough to find the right people, we know enough to ask questions to google, and also we have enough (well, almost) good money to start something.

Yet we choose to burn out in our own mini or mega comforts. 

I read a scribbling in a local newspaper which struck me hard in my head, 

“If your 20’s are spent without struggle, either physically or intellectually, then your following decades are useless.”

It was a random quote. I don’t even know the author. Heck, it could have been written by a struggling 20 plus guy/girl but it makes more sense than watching 3 hours of youtube.

Really, are we making the best use of our access to awesomeness around us?