The Purple Cow

A tip from the success of Tipping Point.

Malcolm Gladwell is featured several times in this blog because he is simply phenomenal. He’s not motivational type material but he has a rare vibe of intellectual brilliance and humility that is stunning.

Malcolm Gladwell was once asked, “Your book Tipping Point is on New York Times’ Best Selling list for consecutive 350 weeks, what is your secret?”

To which he answered coolly, “I am as mystified as you. Tipping point, I wrote with the expectation that only my mother would read it. So, if it has done so well, I can’t really take any credit for it.”

His modesty is contagious and makes you want to wonder if that is how all the great people think.

He further adds, “When you write a book, the minute it is finished and you send it to your publisher, it doesn’t belong to you anymore. It belongs to the world. And so, I feel like I can’t take any credit for what’s happened.”

What a humbling answer to that question! But really, more than humility of Gladwell it is the clarity of thought that is appreciable here.

You can find a thousand examples in our lives, where we struggle to give a meaning to the end result. Well, may be, we should just focus on creating stuff that we want to create and NOT worry/take credit for the end result because in most cases, it is never in our hands completely.

So, why bother at all?

Care about ideas and implementation. Not the aftermath.