The Purple Cow

A tiny ray is what matters.

Any amount of darkness, any period of gloom, any deep well of despair can be thrashed by just one tiny ray. 

A ray of hope. A ray of strength. A ray of faith. 

A ray that brings the energy from the stars to within your bones. A ray that opens your eyes not for the sight but for your vision. 

Sliding down a quicksand of problems isn’t impossible even for the best of us. That’s why perhaps we need the other rockstars in our life. To bring us back to our game, to give our broken back straight. To remind us of what we once did, without a speck of thought about failure.

Be grateful that you are still capable of doing amazing things, because, in life, there is no giving up. Giving up is for the dead ones. Your dreams aren’t destined to end up as orphans. Nurture them, foster them and one day soon, they will define who you are.

Meanwhile, hey you tiny ray of hope, stay with me. I will need you. 

Perhaps, more than you can ever imagine.