The Purple Cow

A tall beacon of hope.

Life is incomplete without challenges. 

Some of them result from your previous decisions, while a few others are utterly unexpected. Regardless of how hey arrive, when the hard times come, your will-power is questioned. 

You could be a hero in the past, an accomplished fighter for people, a responsible guardian of truth, a humble master of your skill, but the storm doesn’t know your bio data. If it hits you, it hits you.

Every battle is new. The tussle, the toil, the sweat and the pain are fresh. Your grip on your circumstances may be weak, but if you happen to have one single gift, in the form of a friend who believes in you, the entire story could be upturned.

That friend may not be your childhood pal, your drinking buddy, your soul mate, your high school companion, or a room mate, but a simple someone who walks into your life with nothing but faith on you. From being lost on your way, to becoming the maker of your way, you will be transformed within no time with the help of that friend’s hope.

Steve Jobs wasn’t willing to come back to Apple in 1997, looking at the spiritless team at the time. The company was on the verge of filing bankruptcy and there clearly was no hope for any innovation. But then, Steve met Jonathan Ive on the floors of Apple during a casual visit and was awestruck by Jony’s clarity on what he believed Apple should stand for. Jony elucidated exactly what was on Jobs’ mind since the beginning. By showing his immaculate designs and by expressing his faith on the vision, he instilled hope in Jobs’ mind about the company and its future. Jony expressed to Jobs that if there was anyone who could reinvigorate Apple, it was only Steve.

The next 14 years, the both were literally inseparable. Steve Jobs became the greatest CEO of recent times and Apple ended up as the most valuable company on the planet. Jony hasn't received as much attention as Jobs in front of media but the real essence of Jony can only be felt by Jobs (who eventually gave him complete autonomy in Apple)


No matter how unusual it sounds, Jony was a tall beacon of hope to Jobs. 

A similar vein of irreplaceable respect and affection exists between another two friends in Indian mythology. In Ramayana, the hindu epic, Rama was a valiant warrior and soon-to-be King of Ayodhya. But due to some unexpected series of events, he ends up in a forest losing his wife to a mighty demon, Ravana. Regardless of his impressive powers, Rama simply loses faith on himself and the fact that he was once a warrior. Then he meets a humble monkey called Hanuma who instills hope in Rama by reminding him of his capabilities. From then on, every challenge they face is embraced with courage and willingness to sacrifice. Hanuma risks his life many times for the sake of Rama’s vision. Eventually, he plays the most crucial role in the fight with Ravana and destroys his entire army. Rama returns to Ayodhya as the King, with his wife and his brother along with him. Hanuma isn’t knighted as another King, nor does he care to be a part of the glory. He merely believed in Rama and the honest battle he was fighting for. Again, the real essence of Hanuma is known only to Rama who considers him the greatest partner of his life.


No matter how unusual it sounds, Hanuma was a tall beacon of hope to Rama.

The two stories reveal a similar truth. A truth about friendship, done on a level that’s hard to match and replace. A friendship that is bundled with mutual respect and hope. A friendship that celebrates the other person’s victory more than a self-victory. A friendship that will stand out in the history as a magnificent bond.

I have such a tall beacon of hope in my life. Do you have one?  If not, can you become one?