The Purple Cow

A simple fashion tip you shouldn't ignore.

The famous female editor in chief of Vogue magazine, Edna Woolman Chase, once said, “Fashion is general, style is individual”.

How simply true that is! 

You could read a 100 fashion magazines, follow a 1000 F-blogs, and perhaps be glued to the TV/pop culture for cues about what’s hip in town so that you can emulate it. But the harsh reality is there is simply no map that suits you. 

I’m not saying all the fashion knowledge that’s out there in the internet/newspapers is nonsense but all I’m saying is it’s secondary.

What’s primary is what you know about yourself. What you have experimented with yourself. That’s more important.

Most people follow fashion fads and are easily forgotten.

While a few iconic individuals exhibit something called “style”.

It may or may not be fashionable, but if you have a certain unique style, it will be “remarkable”. [either good or bad]

Observe how you dress, what you dress and make an effort to create a pattern or a trend. It will somehow in however small way possible will define you in the future. Like I said, the fundamental purpose of being in fashion is not to look flattering, it’s to look stylish.

And who’s a better style guru than you yourself!