The Purple Cow

A piece of advice for dreamers.

Are you starting something today? A new habit, a new passion, a new vocation, a new venture, a new undertaking, call it whatever, but anything that hopefully makes you happy? 

If yes, then consider this exercise.

I do this quite a lot many times. And almost always, it has worked beautifully well.

Whenever I’m about to start something, like a new personal project, in my passion-area, I sit down and jot down on a piece of paper, the most important question.


Why do I want to do this?

Quickly write everything that comes to your mind. Every possible reason.

You’ll probably get around 3,4 points right away, quite easily, almost spontaneously.

And all you have to do is : STRIKE THEM OFF.

Because, they are the most obvious ones, like : to have a reputation, to become famous, to earn some part-time money, to get maximum likes/shares on facebook etc.

And I tell you what, these are the most unreliable reasons, because, within a week, you’ll find them un-interesting or not rewarding and drop out.

You need a non-obvious reason. Something that’s hard to express on a paper.

Like the joy of doing it. Like the gratification you get every night after you do it.

Like the priceless bliss you experience once you master that art.

That is the real why.

Find that why and chase it to it’s last inch. With a ton of energy.

One fine day, you’ll get there.

And you will also get the 3,4 points you struck off earlier, somewhere during your journey.

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