The Purple Cow

A masterpiece insight from Seth.

Seth Godin is the best at being Seth Godin. I mean remarkable.

I can’t help but write about his recent insight that perhaps might have gone unnoticed. But, he nailed it.

He talked about how you can really be gifted in a certain skill.

Simply put, the thread goes this way,

You make a Choice

over the course of time,

It becomes a Habit

over the course of time,

It becomes your talent

over the course of time,

People will call it a gift.

They’ll start saying “Whoa! What a holy man? What a genius? What an incredible intelligence? He’s gifted. A visionary. A legend.” And what not.

Choice–> Habit–> Talent–> Gift.

What do you want to gift yourself? It begins with a choice that you make today.