The Purple Cow

A group of like minded people are equal to a galaxy of stars.

Stars are powerful, bright and full of energy.

Can’t think of a better metaphor for a group of people who share the same vision.

I’ve been a part of multiple sets of people so far in my life, and the one that stuck out making an incredible impression on my life was the one where everyone contributed with sheer passion and love.

It is quite rare indeed to find a bunch of folks who want to make a difference these days. They have so many differences among them and so little patience that no one cares to unite them. 

But if you ever get a chance to do it, go for it. Take it as your personal responsibility that everyone is on the same page. It’s not easy bringing people together. And it’s even more tough to bring high-potential people onto the same table and make them respect each other’s time/virtues.

But keep trying. Because if there’s anything that’s worthier than any individual rockstar, then it is a team of rockstars working together. 

That is effective leadership, and yes it is painful.

But think of Beatles. None of them were as good as all of them. 

The magic is in the group. The magic is, the group.