The Purple Cow

60 minutes: your best investment on yourself.

Every once in a while, I give myself a great advice.

To shut up.

We are so used to striving every moment to make a point. We want to be correct all the time. We want to be heard all the time. We yearn to be noticed and appreciated and understood all the time. 

But come on, give me a break. Agreed that the nitty gritty details of today are pretty important, but what about the big picture of life?

What about things that will shape your future and destiny? Who’s giving them a thought? 

You should. Every once in a while. 

Shut off from trivial mundane things in life. Sit back and quiet your mind. 

Let calmness seep in slowly. Decelerate your thought velocity. Act like there’s no rush. Hush your heart beat. And whisper to yourself mentally the story of your life.

Recall your past, mainly for the lessons you learnt. 

Glance through your present and be thankful for every bright thing you have.

Envision a future with hope and faith on getting better as a person and making a difference in this world as much as you can.

This process might just take about 60 minutes but I bet its worth it. You will regain the energy and drive you need to light up your day. Try it!