The Purple Cow

500 days of joy.


“It’s about a passion that began with 10 fingers and 1 inspired mind.”

What matters in life is not how long you lived, or how well decorated your coffin will be, but how true you were to yourself. So, the real quest you should embark upon is finding yourself. Or even better, creating yourself. How do you want to be remembered? And what do you want to be remembered for?

The moment you have an absolute clarity on that, your perception of the world around you will change. 500 days back I had a similar clarity. Since then I kept blogging every single day.

Thanks to Seth Godin for giving the inspiration but it wasn’t just inspiration that led me to persevere in this journey. It was the inner urge to create something that defined me.

Most people would come a little far in land of their dreams and say, “You know what? This place looks dark and lonely. I’d rather go back to my comfort zone and find some company.”  That’s the trap. The conventional mindset is a trap that will distance you from your dream.

I wrote about incredible people. (Vincent Van Gogh,GandhiMark TwainSteve JobsSeth GodinDavid Ogilvy)

I wrote about invaluable things. (GeniusPassionJoy,SelflessnessPurposeWill Power and the Universe)

I wrote about inspirational quotes.

I’m so glad I didn’t give up on this journey. What began as a sprint for 30 days has continued to define a part of who I am today. I was lonely and sometimes even now I feel it is a lonely journey. But there’s joy in it. There’s a subtle joy in challenging yourself every single day. And to bring your ideas into the real world.  

I hope you find your version of joy. Once you experience it, you will realize how little the words laziness, inaction, giving up, negativity become. 

Don’t chase a number, chase a passion. 500 days into this amazing adventure, I’m not tired.

And hell, by any means, I’m not retired.  

So, watch this space for more thoughts on creativity, passion and entrepreneurship. And you my readers, I love you so much. You made this blog what it is today. Thank you!