The Purple Cow

3 kinds of people.

I always quote Benjamin Franklin in all of my talks, 

“All mankind is divided into three groups: those that are movable, those that are immovable and those that move the world.” — Benjamin Franklin”

What type have you been so far? 

The better question is what type do you want to be

With my experience of speaking to a variety of people recently, I’ve realized most of them are happy being the first and the second. No one actually gives a damn about the third category.

The reasons being the reward/incentive for moving the world isn’t direct and tangible. It’s not like you win a cocktail drink every time you aim to change the world. Even worse, you may not even be appreciated immediately.

Money, desires, luxury, cheap pleasures, false pride and ego fog their minds so much that they can’t seem to even think about creating a legacy. 

Don’t be such a somebody.