A little about me.


Hi, my name is KP and I’m a product maker, writer and community builder living in Atlanta. My day job is at one of the leading airline companies but I’ve been a no-code maker on the side shipping small projects to help people. I am also an organizer of the Indie Hackers Atlanta monthly meetup at Atlanta Tech Village. I love to geek out about the latest tech products, the newest discoveries about human behavior (habits) along with a dose of mindfulness. I was always a curious creative kid which I believe led me to be interested in technology as an adult. I also enjoy talking to people and learning about their stories and experiences that makes my time building communities so rewarding to me. Lastly, I’ve been practicing living a mindful life, finding joy in simple things and working towards leaving a meaningful impact in the world.

Here you will find stories, blog posts and essays on a broad set of topics ranging from products, technology, startups, habits, meditation, happiness and compassion. I’m a huge habits nerd so brace yourself for several posts on habits/hacks/routines that will help you achieve your goals. (s/o to Charles Duhigg, James Clear, Nir Eyal and Ryan Hoover who inspire me!)

My blog is for people who believe in connecting to their deeper selves, trying to build something and learning from failure. I will focus on keeping my writing simple and authentic by sharing lessons I pick up as I navigate obstacles and challenges on the path to my goals. I have written 200+ posts so far and typically post about 5 times a week so I hope you’ll find least something that resonates with you within the volume of work I’ve created.

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